“Collectively we are like a football team. Mario (Molina) and Jonathan (Lash) working defense, groups like Bill McDonough’s and Architecture for Humanity playing mid-field and feeding innovative ideas and folks like Ben Parco working upfront as the striker.”

Cameron Sinclair

Architecture for Humanity

2006 TED Prize-winner

Ben Parco acknowledged by Al Gore in his  new book, Our Choice. In 2009 Parco presented at Gore’s cloistered Climate Solutions Summit. “Our Choice is the result of those meetings and conversations. It represents the collective wisdom of the worlds greatest thinkers and experts marshaled into a plan that can save our planet.”

Al Gore

“Ben Parco and his team are to architecture as AMG is to Mercedes.”

CIM Group

Los Angeles

Zero-net energy, prefab home appears in Dec/Jan issue of Dwell Magazinehttp://www.dwell.com/houses-we-love/article/modern-prefab-addition-mid-century-california-classic



Benjamin Parco | Architect

prefab architecture home dwell green zero zero-energy zero-net energy Berkeley Dwell Magazine California Clean Tech Open

Fast Company names Parco Homes one of “Five Clean Tech Startups to Watch”http://www.fastcompany.com/1300579/five-clean-tech-open-startups-watch

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